Too Cold to fly -4 degree's

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Woke up to -4 degrees today.  Here in Michigan we are having one of the coldest Winters in years...  I took a cup of boiling Hot water and threw it in the air.  Saw it on the Internet... so I gave it  A try .  Had my wife help me at 1:30 am but it didn't turn out.  She wasn't happy....  :D :D :D  But a good sport about it...  Tuesday Jan.28th -4 degree's in The "D".  unusually cold...

It's Cold

"Thats Hot!"
"Oh,hang on,THATS COOL"
Heat wave and Delta Hawk,Micron winds this side of the planet.
Love it.

I had the pleasure of spending time in Sydney a number of years ago .  I always remembered that in Winter here it was Summer there.  I just told someone it was time to leave and stay in Australia until Spring.  I went to Sydney in late August...

I live in Mid-Michigan & it is never "too" cold to fly. I like putting up my single line kites when it's below zero so the neighbors have something to talk about.

I thought about it last week.  Then I realized being alone I might not be able to pack up quick enough... :D :D :D :D without freezing.  I got my Carhart Bib pants and some good warm jackets... But it's been so bitterly cold.. I got no nerve  :D :D :D :D :D :D

This been a Record Cold & snow fall for the month of January in Michigan...  We break all the wrong records...  :-X :-X :-X :-X


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