JoE Summer Flying -- and Kayaking

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JoE Talon - Summer Flying

Complementing my Winter Flying video, this one combines my two favorite hobbies, kite flying and kayaking.  Most of the clips used here were taken on two overnight paddle trips to a Nova Scotian island that is only accessible by shallow boats.  The island is a nature preserve and not inhabited by humans.  Among its inhabitants, however, are what seems to be at least 15 species of horse flies.  Some of them managed to bite me through 3 mm wet suit booties.  Ouch!  :-X

Other than a multitude of blood suckers, the island features a mile-long white, sandy beach and gorgeous underwater features.  For good measure, I threw in some footage from other places, including a somewhat more "crowded" beach in Northern California.

Music: "Dragon Fly" featuring Snowflake by Zep Hurme.  See and for the Creative Commons license and disclaimer.


really enjoyed watching your video JD. Great editing and some stunning locations.


i have to ask what is the purpose of carrying a poodle noodle?
Keep the hull side down!

(surf kayaker, open water instructor, SUPer, learning OC paddling)

Ara Ararauna:

Wow JayDee.
I really enjoyed the video and was totally transported.
Wished I could also enjoy both activities as you do.
I also do a little kayak but where I do it there are no large beaches.
Moreover I have no gear of my own and rent it every time just for an hour or two.
But the places are also quite beautiful:

(Note: pictures are not mine nor of me... but could be)

Your video is very well balanced between air, sand, water and underwater   :)

I also like a lot the effect of overlapping sequences. Very nice!  ???

Thanks for sharing!

Oh, yes. The music is nice too   ;)

Oh yes, and great flying too!  :D

mr wojtas:


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