Looking for info aobut tying knots to the spars?
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I trying to learn how repair/make my own bridles, but know next to nothing about the knots used in their creation or what bridle line strength each model kite uses. Any help w/this is greatly appreciated.
check out Andy Wardley's kite site on the web. It has all the information you will need.
Allen Carter:

There is one common way of connecting the bridle so it's easily removed. Lemme see if I can find a picture.
Thanks for the great source of info..
Hi Tommy,

There are a few pics of a BMK style bridle from a recent build here:


The cow hitch is another popular way to attach the bridle to the spars.  Easy to tie and remove.

It probably goes without saying but make sure your bridles legs are very accurate in lengths and symmetrical on both sides.  A properly adjusted bridle can make or break an otherwise fine kite.

Most kites use Spectra cored bridle line or perhaps Spectra flying line for bridles.  Make the bridle minimally as heavy as the heaviest line you might use to fly the kite.  Some common bridle weights:

Std: 150-200#
UL: 100-150#  (maybe a little lighter)
SUL: 100# and lighter

BTW, I still have that Exile we traded a few years back.  I converted it to a 2PT UL.
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