show kites wanted for the Pennsylvania Music Festival

Hi everyone, if you live on the east coast and have access to show kites, contact me.  The Theme of the festival is Meremaids and I am searching for Large Inflateable Meremaid show kite and their designer. I already contacted Phil, not heard back yet...There may be an invite involved, and also looking for kite fliers who own larger show kites to participate in this 3 day event. The orgainizer wants large kites flying the whole time...Rev  and sport kite fliers, sorry, no room for you...Single line only..

Because of my involvement with this new music festival, and that I was the kite vendor/display at woodstock 99, I was asked to be the vendor at this Music Festival. and arrange and mangage the "kite talent".  I cannot announce the  music acts yet, accept my band, the Evokatones will be performing on Saturday, Friday is Rock, Saturday Reggae and jam band, Sunday is country...

Please contact me at or on facebook. Thanks.
i would search out Martin Blais here on the forum....he has Mermaid kites, and potential Caludio Capelli's mermaids as well...
big kites as well: hit up Ben Huggett here on the forum too.....

maybe Mike Dallmer?
Thanks. on Facebook I was overwhelmed with response for this and have all the names I need now. The budget has been submitted, now waiting for approval from the festival committee which will take about a month...I will announce the special guests of this festival soon.
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