Winds of Change

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white wing lover:

My dear friends,
Recent revelations in the course of a medical checkup leave me with dealing with unexpected circumstances. No need to go into details, it wouldn't change anything. I just want to express my sincere gratitude for all the kindness and considerations I have experienced from members of this forum.....
Good winds always.....

Ca Ike:

Sorry to hear your having medical issues.  I can understand you not wanting to post details but you have my wishes for a  good recovery and good winds while you can enjoy them.  Here's to hoping the Docs are wrong or can help you.



Am sorry to hear of your troubles.  Good health is central to just about everything.  Don't know what it is but do get as much kite therapy as you can  :)



Hi Anthony,

I'm sorry to hear of unexpected medical circumstances. Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery and, as Steve said, plenty of kite therapy in the process!


Allen Carter:

Good winds to you, Anthony.

I hope kites will help your healing. I know they have for me.


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