It's not me, it's the kite...

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Ara Ararauna:

I bet most of us have said, or at least thought that, more than once in the negative sense.
In other words, thinking, "why can't I do this trick? I is probably the kite. I must get a new one, better one."
After all, isn't this one of the main reasons people keep buying new kites?
To find the one that will be "perfect" and let you do "everything".

However, curiously enough, I am now finding myself in the opposite situation.
I am now flying my new Sixth Sense almost exclusively because it is allowing me to do things I couldn't do with my other kites (I only shift to my Aura when the wind is really low).
I am being able to do Taz machines with little effort (or trial and error), Jacob's Ladders chained in three or fours, longish fades, flik flaks,...

So yesterday I thought "I'll take out my other kites and do the tricks I've learnt with my new SS".
And so I did. After flying my SS for 45minutes, out of the bag went my Soul (wind was sort of high so I couldn't take out my Talon UL).
I started to try to do those tricks I have "learnt" with my SS and...
...   :(  ...

... I just couldn't do any!  :'(

So I wonder whether I have really learnt those tricks or whether I am really being guided by the excellent qualities of the SS.

From the first moment I pulled the lines of my SS to get it into the air for the first time, I noticed something special about that kite.
But I wasn't really aware of how special it is until I went back to my other kites...

Of course some people can "click" very specially with one specific kite. Maybe this is part of the equation.
Also maybe it is the type of bridle... It is the first three point bridle while the other kites I have use a turbo bridle.
But in any case I really think the SS is an exceptional kite.

I would really recommend to anyone that has never tried it, to get hold of one (borrow, build, buy or "steal") and experience how it flies.
Of course I have tried really few kites and have not flown MANY which are probably as good or better.
But I really think the SS is one step ahead of many other kites.

So it's not me who flies better, it's the kite...


Allen Carter:

Quote from: Ara Ararauna on February 13, 2014, 02:06 PM

So it's not me who flies better, it's the kite...


The differences between kites in terms of what they are "capable" of is incremental. The differences between kites in "how" they do things can be considerable.

It's the "how" that makes us feel more comfortable with one kite over another and that makes kites seem so different in capability.

A lot of it is muscle memory. Fly one kite a lot for a while and the next kite is bound to feel foreign. This muscle memory is why you often see someone who's been flying one type of kite a long time looking really good.

As some flyers gain experience over the years they gain the ability to interpret many different types of kites successfully and without a lot of familiarization. In my experience the people who can pick up any kite and look good with it are the few who have higher than average natural ability and the slightly larger group who have many years flying behind them. I have lots of experience but no natural ability, so when I go back to an old kite it still tends to feel clunky at first. It's not nearly as much of an issue as it was in the first few years, though.

All that said, there is the fact that some kites just feel right to some flyers. Finding a kite that really fits you is a big part of the fun. I suppose people buy kites because they are newer or "better" but in the long run it's more for the hard to define enjoyment of a specific kite or type of kite. I've had many kites that were the "best" available at the time and got bored with them for one reason or another.

Ara Ararauna:

Yes that's interesting and agree mostly with it.

However, in my case, I've been flying my Soul for two years now with a relative regularity while I have flown the SS only about 10 days (perhaps even less).

So I would say my muscle memory should still have to be with the Soul. While despite that, I can fly the SS MUCH better.
So it is indeed probably a combination of it being a really good kite and me clicking with it at a very deep level.

Nonetheless, I still recommend that everyone tries it some time.


Finding a kite that you really click with makes a huge difference! It may not be the most expensive kite you can buy, it may not be the most popular kite, but once you find it the tricks can really start to flow. It can take a lot of time and money ( trust me I know! :() to find the kite for you but it sound like you have found it in the Sixth sense! ;)

I'm jealous of your 10 days flying!!......we have had nothing but storms ( 100mph winds recorded yesterday) and torrential rain for 2 months!! - most of Southern UK is flooded at the moment. I got my DS at Christmas and so far I've managed 15 minutes  :'(. Hoping to get to Filey in June so you will have to teach me the Taz!


It sounds like the Soul just doesn't 'click' with you. Fly the kite that flies the way you like... Sell the ones that don't, or just leave them behind.

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