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In responding to another thread on the forum, I had an interesting question come to mind that I thought might be a good subject for discussion!

That is ...How likely/willing would you be to post something very negative about a particular kite you have flown when someone asks specifically about that same kite on the forum? Would you ONLY be willing to say the "I didn't connect with it!" ...even if you thought it was the worst flying kite in the entire universe? Would you simple suggest another kite that you think would be a better choice? I'm not sure how I would respond myself but I was curious as to how everyone else feels about the subject ...and your thoughts on the matter.

On a side note ...would you go as far as to 'privately' email the person inquiring ...sharing your negativity?


It appears most of the regular contributors realize that each kite and flier is different. Everyone has different likes and sometimes kites need adjustment as well. I don't think that a brutal review by someone takes these differences into account unless you don't know how a kite flies. If someone blasted a Hawaiian for not being able to do Taz's or JL's then they don't understand what that kite is designed for.

Allen Carter:

Back in the days when people were just figuring out how to make sport kites do this or that, say through the '90s and tapering off up until ten years ago or so, you would sometimes come across a kite that was just poorly designed, or designed so much in one direction it was easy to be critical of it's failings. There were sometimes "bad kites" often improved in a v2.0 release. (sometimes a great kite was felled by a v2.0 update).

If we're talking about enthusiast level kites, not consumer grade stuff, it's just pretty damn unlikely that someone will release a "bad" kite these days. In fact, most kites are so similar as to be boring. Very few kites are even different enough to be the least bit controversial. Sport kite design has plateaued. People know how to design good kites. The construction has also become standardized. It's to the point where anyone with a sewing machine can make a decent kite. 

I've flown kites over the last few years that were really bad in one way or another. In each case it wasn't the design or manufacturing it was the way the owner had tweaked the kite, either intentionally or not. Usually from lack of experience. Extra weight, major bridle changes, loose LE fittings, framing changes, etc. So many modern kites are amazingly good all around that it's pretty easy to throw them very obviously out of balance when trying to tweak for this trick or that, and often they never get back to their intended polyvalent state.

More on topic. I hear people talking about specific issues on kites all the time, how this one rolls up vs that one, sticky flares, etc. On a given kite, if someone has a very strong negative like "this kite won't do XYZ trick" there is always someone there to say "I do XYZ all the time"


I've bought a few kites that were thoroughly condemned by members with very impressive post counts, just to see how bad the kites actually were.

In one case at least, the kite I bought displayed none of the deficiencies described and I ended up buying "back-ups" and buying quite a few models by the same designer. I wonder how many sales at GWTW were lost because of the negative ratings...

My conclusion was that either they got a Monday Morning kite or perhaps the critic's flying location wasn't ideal for flying kites.

On the other hand, I've bought quite a few kites that were exalted to the Heavens that I couldn't get rid of fast enough. One of them I bought on 3 different occasions, just to be sure I didn't see eye-to-eye with the kite. Every one soon found a new home, it just wasn't for me.

Eventually I learned which poster's preferences matched my own and ignored those whose didn't.


When it comes to quality issues, I have no problem stating negatives.

When it comes to how a kite flies, I will temper my comments with my skill level.

I do have a big problem with people naming heavy kites as SULs and then letting their

insane skill levels show how the kite flies in next to nothing.

And even if someone always disagrees with me, then I can be used as a negative indicator.

Kites I have disliked but are well liked:
     Nirvana (not all, but most)
     Revolutions (only because they are ugly)

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