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Allen Carter:
Recent posts about the Psycho made me want to get out another little radical trickster from the mid '90s.

The Matheson AzizA (designed by Ben Purcell) has about the same wingspan as the Psycho but a very different sail shape. A lot more keel. A better flyer, the AzizA isn't as flippy as the Psycho. The AzizA is totally fun to toss around but doesn't seem to invite abuse they way the Psycho does. Maybe it's because this particular AzizA is on loan from a friend.  :)

Thanks Rob!

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Drool.  Such a tease!  :D Looks very interesting.  Have never flown one. Thanks for the pics.   

Was able to fly the Psycho yesterday.  Winds in the mid teens and 50' lines  ???  Moved the TPs out a bit to tame some of the oversteer.  Now it's just neurotic but still a speedy little bugger.  I sneezed and it axeled.  More later...

old picture.....but a fun one...missing at least one from this pile too....

Love this kite.....and Allen you described it perfectly....deeper than a psycho and a wee bit slower....but a blast...
i am usually on ~40' lines....
the Black skin/Yellow tip is my first one and is severely stretched....
Ooooooh Black & Red.   ???

it was really neat to hear from Chris about his designs around this kite and the zenith....

short quote is that the AzizA was based on the Psycho...and the Zenith was more vaguely based on the Aziza...and Ben did not have that much to do with the design...
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