Superman and Lois Lane TOTL Spinoffs, update.

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Here's an interesting pair,  Ron Reich's Superman and Lois Lane Spinoffs which he used in 1986 or '87 for a multi-kite ballet routine.

Both of these were picked up on ebay from Ron as sails only and are pending a correctly done frame up.  I started to frame Superman, but stopped when I realized a proper job needed to be done.  The most awesome Mike Dennis  sent me a Spinoff bridle to use, but now I need some advice on what kind of tubes and fittings to use.

Do you want to keep them retro or update them? Original Spin off standards used fiberglass K75's at .350" diameter and vinyl tubing for connectors, aluminum arrow nock inserts and nocks. Ultralights used E40 fiberglass. I'm not finding the external ferrule you'll need for the original style center T for the K75's or the E40's. As Ron's competition kites they probably had a better frame, possibly Easton tubes depending on the date, good luck with that. But also popular back then and still readily available would be the pultruded carbon tubes, usually back then in a .2540" diameter for a standard. Again hard to find that center T external ferrule today. Drop down to the .2300" diameter and you'd be in business especially if you would prefer to upgrade the fittings. The .2300" is slightly more flexible then the K75 but 8 grams lighter while being significantly stiffer then the E40's and still lighter, That would keep them framed in tubes that were available when they were originally built. For fittings then you could go retro and I might be able to help you with the vinyl tubing or upgrade to more reliable and easier to separate. APA-B's, Tradewinds or FSD's for the leading edges. Being a straight T the Tradewinds or FSD leading edge connectors can also be modded to work as the center T fitting with an aluminum external ferrule for a neater modernized job or stay with the old vinyl tube type if you prefer the full retro option. 

Here's a chart of spars, weights and deflection available today

And one of the available connectors

Sure would like to see those resurrected.

if you want the original style spine connector let me know...i found some......and a skin....and bridles....and other bits too....

Good heavens Mike, my head is spinning.  Thanks a bunch for that informative reply.  I am definitely going to learn a bit on this project. :D

We reframed a NOS Hawaiian UL we scored in Skyshark Camo P400's, it was missing the spreaders and it really didn't make sense to replace them and leave the kite that spindly with such a narrow wind range. Quite pleased with the results. Jon currently has Camo P2X or P4X or P100/200/300's seconds all at great prices, any will work depending on the wind range you want.  The Tradewinds or FSD LE connector will still work for the center T with just a bit more mods/planning, I used a similar one on ours, the stock one won't fit Skysharks.

$25 - $30 a kite for parts if you don't want to keep them historic, no mods to the sails so a collector could revert them anytime and you'll enjoy them more today.


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