Just a week left!! Prism Eclipse Classic

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So we are halfway there towards the goal of 25 tickets, with a few takers but no funds received, as of yet.  :(
Hope some raffle ticket owner gets to take this beauty home and know that they helped support a great cause.  :)


Scott Davis:

  About a week ago, some of us on the team were talking about the help we have been getting. We've always been grateful. But it's funny that we really just realized that we wouldn't even be Evidence without this help and support. We have recently acquired another teammate, 13yr young Nicholas. A talented, new to team flying, teenager. A blessing. His folks both work hard to make ends meet. The fund raising we do helps make it possible to grow as a team, bringing in people that can't contribute much financially, but are a needed part.
  It's so hard to express the feeling I get when I see Travis, the 13 yr old that we've been working with for a couple years now, sharing his knowledge with Nicholas. As a team we are learning to teach each other. Kiting is growing in a new grass roots way.
  With 4 sets of kites and about a dozen members, one teammate called it a co-op, sharing the kites, making it affordable, sharing the knowledge, making it doable.
  This up coming trip to France will be an amazing experience for young Travis, Kristian, Megan, and I. We will bring the Evidence community with us in spirit. We will share who we are, while we are there. I don't know where God is taking all of this, but I look forward to finding out.
Thank you,
Scott Davis
Lead, Team Evidence

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