Head Strap -- Does it Work for Kite Videos?
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The best way to mount a camera for videotaping kite footage is, obviously, in the hand of a good friend.  Ideally, said good friend knows a thing or two about kite flying and can anticipate the flier's moves.  In reality, however, as evidenced by the majority of the movies posted, a non-intelligent, frequently stationary camera mount is much more frequently used.  I have been trying to get some footage out of my GoPro 3 with a head strap.  Judge for yourselves [Raw_Shaky_Footage_Alert]:

GoPro3 With Head Strap

This was taken with the GoPro OEM head strap mount on my bare, short hair -- i.e., no hat to exaggerate head motion.  [Lame_Excuse_Alert] Besides the fact that the wind was not exactly ideal [/Lame_Excuse_Alert], I am pretty sure many of us have taken similarly useless footage.  Does anybody have a suggestion on a head mount, or a mount to any other body parts that is less prone to transmitting every single move that is inherent to flying a kite?
Ca Ike:
UNfortunately I don't think a better way exists.  Mr tripod is still the best partner though he tends to limit your flying space and refuses to follow your kite at times.  IMO the gopro is to clunky for filming kite flying and a camera like the Sony actoion cam, polaroid sports hd, kodak pixpro, midland xtc or even the pivot head sunglass cams would be better as far as balance goes.  I'm saving up for a pivot head set up myself but my midland xtc with a visor clip or head band mount works well
You talking about this?

Midland XTC 200 HD camera review

I am not a fisherman, and so I have no real idea how big the camera is in relation to those lures.  But I guess it is the sturdiness of the mount that matters more than the weight of the camera -- which I guess is in the same ballpark as the GoPro.  Do you have any more details on that visor clip?
Sunglass cam works. I used to have a V.I.O. That mounted to hat using magnets........
Ca Ike:
The xtc is small.  Less than 3/4 wide and fits in the space of a credit card.  Its limited in functions to sd/hd video but for the price it works well and has a ton of mounting options between the side clip and std tripod thread.  Amazon has the visor clip for it.  Wal mart stocks it usually if you want to see it first hand but not the visor clip.
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