Downloading videos in Safari

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Just upgraded from an almost 10 year old Dell PC to a Mac.

I'm after a quick and easy way of downloading kite videos from youtube and vimeo?

Are there any extensions in Safari that do a similar job to Download Helper on Firefox?

Or am I just better downloading FF onto the Mac?


There are several ways to quickly download a video from youtube. The method I use is
1. Go into youtube and bring up the video you want to download
2. in the search bar type the letters ss after the www.
3 this then takes you and the video to "" site
4 select the mp4 format that you want and click download
5 the video will be saved in your downloads file. You can then move or save it to a external hard drive if you wish.

Not sure if this helps John


Allen Carter:

If you are used to Firefox, keep using it. Works great on Mac.

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