LaDole Kite Trick
Jorge Gouverneur:
When I did the AVFFF I got a couple of request about trying to do a LaDole  ???

You have to run on this one too.

Now I can do the LaDole.  ;D Sorry for the low quality.  :-[  I Actually did it the same night I posted the video.  :) couldn't wait for the weekend to try it.


Looks good. Now try it with a pull between the first roll up and the second.

Low Ladole

Usually its a sweeping pull that doesn't look like much but you're going to run into loads of trouble in higher winds without. At least in my experience. That is a video that shows it often, along with experimentation.

Keep it up. Wish I could fly as much as you and keep progressing. Just flew for the first time all year for school. Grand total of 5-6 times in 5 years of school. 5 in Chicago, 1 in Cinci. Blah.

Jorge Gouverneur:
Thanks adx1592

My LaDole Trick was done with a single pull for the 2 roll ups. I think its still valid Ladole. I will try to do it like you mentioned, with a pull between roll ups.

I'll try it this weekend so I can record it during the Day.

Maybe Ill try the Low Ladole too.

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