We are going to be raffling off a kite........and soon!
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We had a last surge in the waning moments of the raffle and although all the figures are not in, I'm so pleased to announce that the raffle is validated and once I get off work I shall be able to compile the info and pass it on to Steve for the drawing.

I can't say enough good things to tell you how happy the members of this Forum and the kiting community at large have made me feel personally and how much this is gonna help the Team.

GWTW members are just AWESOME!

Special thanks to Tom for his last minute appeal and contribution, and to God, who made it all happen.

And let me not fail to mention our Host Steve.  Without this Forum none of this raffle would have happened.  ;)

Best of luck to all of you in the drawing.


The entries have been received at our super secret location somewhere in the central valley of California.
We will be recruiting a disinterested 3rd party to randomly draw the winning name (probably my 5 year old grandson.
We will photograph the 'event'.
Monday is looking good for me.
I'll keep you posted.
names going into the Tilley ...

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The suspense is killin' me   :-X
sorry for the delay ... the disinterested 3rd party's mom made him take a nap
we should have the winner soon
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