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Considering the hard time I used to give a certain somebody about being a Linux deciple. I find it ironic that my chosen solution to salvaging some life out of our slow vista laptop is Ubantu.  Maybe something stuck. ;D

It's primary use is internet and email so I think Ubantu is perfect for what we want. Secondary Will be trying to run minecrafft and introduce my son to code by way of mods to his favorite game.

Any warnings or advice? I'm going full install no partitions.
Quote from: kiwi49er on March 01, 2014, 01:21 PM

Any warnings or advice? I'm going full install no partitions.

That's exactly the way I like to do it. Ubuntu's installation scripts usually just work -- it's a very user-friendly distribution. It's been more than a year since the last time I did an Ubuntu install (that was 10.04). I recall that I ran into a minor glitch with getting the installer to run, but a Google search identified the solution in about 30 seconds.
Allen Carter:
Check Ubuntu forums for any reference to your specific laptop. Just Google the laptop model and ubuntu and you should find known issues with drivers and such. If it's a Dell or HP or something common and normal, probably no problem. If it's something more unusual or difficult (Sonys can be odd) then best to try to find out if people have done it before you. With a desktop its easy to swap out an unsupported video or network card, but not always an option with a laptop.

If for some reason Ubuntu is an issue with your hardware (not likely) a good alternative distribution is the Debian version of Mint.
Good suggestions. It is actually an old sony vio.  *starts googling*

I'll report my progress.
Allen Carter:
You might even google "best Linux for Sony Vaio XYZ"
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