Tricks based on Fades...
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Jorge Gouverneur:
This time decided to stop running  ??? (from the double and triple AVFFF)  :P

To slow it down went with the Fade and some fade related combination. you will see Jacobs Ladders, Pancakes, Flic-Flac, Back Spins, and Lazy Susan.  ;D

Fade Based Tricks Kite: Duende 2.2 Std

Thank You.
Ara Ararauna:
Very nice and clean!  :)
Beautiful rising fades and smooth tricks.
Great! Thanks for sharing.

Now I've got more work to do...  >:(
Jorge Gouverneur:
Wind was on my side. For tricks like fades you need smooth winds. From 1 to 9 wind quality was 7.

I have a Duende  Ul, the kite performs rising fades easy without trying, the kite fades and holds fade easy, back spins and flic flacs all solid. In my opinion this kite is the next generation development from the Flying wings Soul. For the price the Duende will perform as good or better than my $ 500 custom kites but in saying that I do appreciate the small sublime tweeks that those kites offer. Great flying and great entertainment.

Been watching all your videos.. Nothing but  :'( :'( snow here...  :'( ...  Have to tell you though...

 8) 8) Your flying has progressively gotten better this past Winter.  :-* :-* Looking back a couple months ??? ??? you weren't as Good as you are Now  ;D ;D ;D ;D... congratulation's on excellent progress.  :-*  It really shows on how you handle the JL's... Your putting together some nice looking Combo's... :P :P :P :P  Your early flying didn't show much on Combo's  :-X :-X ...

You've set the Bar up high for the rest of us trying to learn those tricks .... :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[

If it would just warm up and melt the snow... We usually start flying the Wednesday after Day Light Savings, the field is covered in snow.... :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

p.s.- Kite Party this week-end ??
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