Home made Quad
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Hi Guys,
      Thought I would post this here as well as the build section. Not sure how many quad flyers check the build area. Don't see many others building any quads. Also seems that this dark side section needs a little action anyway, no new post since Feb. 19th.
      I decided to try my hand at building a quad of my own (a Rev copy). I have never built a kite or done any sewing before. This is my first try at both and I think that it came out better then expected. It flies very well.
     Thanks for looking, Mark

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Very nice looking kite there Mark.
Nice looking design.  The tops of the down spars extend above the leading edge though in the picture.  Given a choice, that should be adjusted to a flush-fit.  Tightening the bottom bungies too much is probably the problem.  Make the tops tighter first
 and then adjust the bottoms for proper sail tension.
Thanks REVflyer
   I noticed that as well ... this photo is from the very first flight and it was really too windy for a standard (16mph) but I was dieing to try it. The problem has already been fixed.
Thanks again, Mark
Nice looking job. :)
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