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Hi , i just new to kites. so I just wondering that is there any available double reel with brakes instead of single reel with brakes in kite market?
Or is there such thing call double reel with brakes?

Eddy goody

From Singapore


Well i'll bite...... first welcome to group.  I have never send a double. What are you trying to do?  I have several larger elk's and when at beach I tie one off to my hitch and one to the front to keep them apart.  Ive been around... lurking fr years now and its a fickle group.  Feel free toM if you have any questions.



double reel? as in two reels to fly a dual line kite from?

The answer is yes....there was....WAS.....FlowBee (and yes as in the Flowbee haircutting system) made a dual line retractable reel on a bar system for kite did not last long on the market....

is it a recommendable idea? i would say no...

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