"A Bag" From Memory

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I've been carrying the much smaller HQ bag lately.

Let's see if I can remember what is in it.....Hmmmmm....

Inner Space
Katana Vented
Widow Maker UL
Opium Collector
Trident UL
Chicago Fire Flame
no quads

4 line sets (50 to 100 ft)

What's in your kite wallet?


John I love that Opium.  Wish I had one

Using the same small HQ bag, but rarely get to the field,  :-[

Widow Maker UL
Tekken SUL
Tekken 3.5
Mongoose STD

3 line sets and a pair of light running gloves.

Forgot about the gloves, they came in handy on a cold trip to Utah last week.  ;D

Allen Carter:

This weekend I took some of the extras out of the bag that went in for Kite Party. What's left is:

BMK Mamba Std.
BMK Mamba UL
HQ Midi UL
PBSK Stiletto
PBSK Bad Boy vented
Prism Micron
Prism Vector
Chicago Fire 3/4 FireBee
Tournay Ginga
PKC Flick
Layang iFlight2
Willie Koch 11' Delta

What's missing is a real SUL. The Vanishing Point, TTUL and Sweety which are normally in the bag are all in various stages of disrepair. (TTUL just has a worn out standoff/sail fitting, don't worry about your baby, Steve)

Quads have theirr own bag these days:  :)

Rev 1.5 Std with Race frame
Rev 1.5 Vented with various frames
Rev 1 Sue Sedgewick
Rev 2 JB Beater
Rev Shockwave


Trans SUL
Trans STD
Tekken vent
Fearless Light

(2 kites with no eyes even!). :)


Always in car
Exile set - SUL-ZA, SUL-2PT, UL-3PT, Std Lite-P100, Std-Nitro, VV-Nitro.  Approx 1 oz difference between models (6-12 oz rtf)

Current project
Monster set - UL-Nitro Lite, Std-Nitro, VV- Nitro

Rotation status - Depending on size of bag  :D
Sano set - SUL, UL, UL+, Std
SuperFly - UL, Std
Rev 1.5 set

Standby - mostly for test and compare, nostalgia

90# - 50', 65', 75', 85', 100', 125' (2 sets each, most used by far)
150# - 50', 65', 75', 85', 100', 125' (bigger kites, bigger winds)
50# - 50', 65', 75' (seldom used anymore)
200# - 75', 100' (stacks)
300# - 100' (being dragged down the beach)

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