Dual Control - Novice

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25yr+ ago I flew Top of the Line and still have the 5 kites I flew then.

Last year I saw Romancing the wind with Ray Bethell. It inspired me to get back into flying.

I now have 1 Prisma Nexus (for my wife), Quantum & 2 Zephers. I had an E3 but the wind here was not great for it so I sold it.

I just ordered a Silver Fox 2.5UL. I turned 63 so I needed a new toy.

I repair my kites myself. I found Sky Shark and have a stash of leading edges and spreaders.

Make my own lines, handles, etc.. Have the fun is being able to fix them.
Over the past year I have improved but the problem is I have no one to help me.

Videos are OK but I'm not there yet where I can pick it up via a video.

I live in Hillcrest (San Diego, CA) and usually fly at:

1) Liberty Station (sometimes OK winds but can be choppy).

2) Mission Bay park is not all that great these days due to the palm trees but OK sometimes

3) The West side on Rob field at the 3 baseball diamonds West of the entrance road can

    be perfect as long as it is not from the South West.

4) Fiesta Island at the OTL field is good but a little sandy.

5) Silver Strand is great when it too cold for beach goers.


I try to fly after work between 3:30-5. Weekends when there are not events at the above locations Mostly Saturday.


Does any one know of someone in my area that is willing to help me a bit?






Hi Andy,

I live up in Northern California, but I know some flyers down where you live. Ron Despojado "Quadzilla" and I believe Mark and Jeanette Lummas who all make up Team "Too Much Fun" fly in the San Diego Area. Actually, my brother lives down there too and is just starting to get into flying. I asked Ron if they have any get togethers down in SD and he said they do once a month. They meet at Mission Bay Park on the third Saturday of the month I think. Here is a link to the SD Kite Club.


and here is a link to Too Much Fun


Hopefully you can go to one of their monthly fly events. They have a lot of great info and knowledge to share and they are all great people.

Good luck with your kiting and have fun.



Thanks. I'll look into it.


The SDKC normally meets the second Saturday but we will be meeting the third Saturday in May due to a conflict (Ocean Beach Kite Festival). I know you said you have a conflict on the second Saturday's but maybe May will work for you.

Ron is at most meetings but is mainly a quadline flyer. The Lummis's are pretty good dual line flyers (okay, very good) but we only see them occassionally.



Hi Rick,
I can make the 3rd sat in May. I'll be there. What time do people show up?

I can't find anything about the Lummis's. Do you have a link?

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