A close shave on the kite field


This was an absolutely encounter.
I had just retired from my job and I was pleased that I would fly my kites every day. I went to Dorey Park where the Richmond Air Force Kite Club members gathered to fly frequently but I was alone because it was a Tuesday and no one was in the park. I had room anywhere so I went right onto a football field, laid out my gear and put one of my kites in the air. I flew my kite quite a while - maybe an hour. A car came into the park, turned into the parking lot and stopped close to my car. A black man got out of the car, took a kite in hand and he walked onto the football field adjacent to my field. We flew for a while without any discussion but I watched his style and I saw that he was just OK.

I watched the man for a while and, after a while, I walked over to the him and struck up a conversation. I told him that we had a kite club and he could fly with the club if he was interested, told him when he might find some of the other fliers on the weekends. He was evasive - saying that he was a salesman and that he sold items up in Maryland and didn't have enough to fly with us. I asked if he had a son and he told me the boy was visiting friends in Arizona.  We chatted some more and I told him that he was welcome if he wanted to fly with some fellow fliers. I got no positive response so I packed up my gear and I walked to my car. As I passed the man's car - which was pretty rough - I thought maybe that he wasn't doing that well.

I drove away and left the park. I never saw the man again - except in the newspaper some time later. It gave me Goose Bumps - My "friend" was John Mahomet who had been killing people up between Richmond and Maryland. Yikes!!!!!


Dude, that is messed up ! I guess that goes to show that people from all walks of life need to burn off work related stress by flying a kite !

ahhhhh... ???

YIKES !!!!!!!!!!!  ???  ???  ???

All ALONE in a park with a serial killer! That is one scary story! Thank God you didn't become one of his victims! Perhaps your friendly initiative of introducing yourself and offering him kite flying opportunities with other fliers saved your life!


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