Any other XP hold outs there? Well I bit the bullet and loaded Windows 7 over the last 24 hours. It gets harder when your old to change environments. XP worked just fine, but I suppose someone is getting paid to come up with new ideas.... Now I get to learn a new version of Office.. :(
Welcome to the 21st Century!

Bob D:
XP is working just fine on two of my machines. I slip streamed service pack 3 so that if I ever have to reload it I can. I have Win7 on my work computer and a laptop at home and it doesn't take too long to get comfortable with it. My son trashed his laptop at college and I just got him an HP laptop with Win8.1. I'm not crazy about Win8.1. He downloaded an app that puts the start button back. (It's not called the start button any more. It's the "orb".)

I don't like change either.

Win7 and Office2010 has proved pretty stable for me and worth the upgrade pain.  Not impressed with Win8 nor Office12. Could be just me.

Currently using Win8.1 at home and it is okay... as long as you boot up in the Desktop mode (aka Win 7).

I can't see how any company as large as Microsoft could think tiles were somehow a good idea.

I use two things on Win8.... Chrome web browser and Windows Explorer.

I do have a few machines around running Win XP. XP runs just fine. I think security packs are still being released. Just no bug fixes or updates.


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