What three kites should be on every beginner's must have shopping list?

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Just for fun, list three kites (new, old, in or out of production) you would recommend to the novice flyer so that they progress in the sport the most efficient way? 

My Novice A-bag would be made of these three:

HQ Tramontana
Prism Zephyr
Skyburner Nik Nak


I teach all beginners on whatever kite I'm flying at the time.

That includes everything from a Prism Vapor to an Opium Collector.

The most important thing to recommend to a novice is to fly with

an experienced pilot. Within 15 minutes, most newbs will be past

a beginner kite anyway.  :)



Remember, No Matter Where You Go, There  You Are.


Revolution 1.5 full sail, diamond frame (quad-lined kite)
Dunton/Taylor single line (flies indoors to 30 mph, no changes made between these extremes except the string holding it!)
Shiva UL (two strings, great lift in bad wind!)

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