Rev Power Blast LE spar/ferrule
I picked up a used Rev Power Blast 2-4, and I have a broken leading edge ferrule.  I have a replacement spar, which I believe is just a longer 1/2" SLE spar, but no ferrule.  For some reaason, I cannot find a ferrule anywhere that will fit.  The unbroken ferrule in the other spar has an O.D. of ~.430" and an I.D of ~.310 and I think it is made of pultruded carbon.  I've noted some places that sell the Rev replacement spar w/ ferrule, but surely there most be someplace that an internal carbon ferrule for this spar can be found.  Anybody have any idea?  thanks, Jeff
Exel makes a tube that's very similar to those dimensions: O.D. = 10.85mm (0.427") and I.D. = 8mm (0.315"). Unfortunately, I have no clue about a retail source for one these. I'd be tempted to bite the bullet and just buy the replacement spar that comes with the ferrule. You might also try asking Jon Trennepohl (see the Sky Burner / Sky Shark link in the banner to the right), since he pretty much has encyclopedic knowledge of the carbon tube market.
We have SLE ferules in stock.  Give us a call or shoot us an e-mail and we can get you taken care of.  We also have replacement rods for your 2-4 as well.
I'm pretty sure the 2-4 SLE is slightly larger than the SLE in the Blast and the other smaller Speed series.  I'm sure Kent can hook you up though.
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