Wow! I Never Broke That Before


Friday night fly in Las Vegas had strong, very bumpy winds.

So naturally, I pulled out the Opium collector edition #02 standard

and 85'x175# Skybond line.

After about half an hour of working on my nemisis, the comete, the wind

had climbed a bit and I thought,

"Maybe I should put up a ven...BANG!

The D-Ring on my left strap busted, sending 85 feet of line into a bird's nest,

flinging one of the standoffs off as a sacrifice to the high wind demons and

fortunately, not hurting the kite itself (relax Randy G).

Old when it is on a flexi......

Lee S:
At Kite Party this year, I slung my "A" bag over my shoulder, and ---bang--- busted the plastic clip off the strap. Original strap, too. Glad I had a spare. My favorite straps (well, my only straps as it happens) all have metal rings. I'll probably break them someday :D


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