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I brought my white Pyro Delta to church for folk to sign their rememberances for folks that past.a few signed with Sharpie and it smudged really bad on the fabric and actually bled thru into the table below.it can't be read.Now the kite looks like crap.Whats a good writing instrument to use for this? regular pen,gel pen paint pen?what should be used on the fabric?Im sure this has come up before..

Allen Carter:
I suppose it depends on the fabric. I've seen sharpies work well on coated ripstop nylon and poly, but I suppose a more porous/absorbent fabric would be tricky.

My girlfriend and daughter are decorating a large white nylon kite with black & colored sharpies, and while they do put down paper to keep ink off the table, they haven't made much of a mess. See attached photo.

I've used silver sharpies on black ripstop a lot.

While sharpies have the advantage of drying pretty quickly, the ink still will smudge if touched in the first 15 seconds or so. Other inks/paints take considerably more time to dry.

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I should say kite is a HQ Pyro Delta White Nylon Ripstop

Allen Carter:
Some pyros have a fairly thin fabric to get that nice flowing effect. The kite we're scribbling on is more what I'd call regular weight SLK ripstop. Not particularly soft.

Another aspect could be the age of the fabric. I've seen old sails where the coating has worn off, making the fabric much more porous.

I have used colored and silver Sharpies without issue.... But the fact that the ink bled would say something more about the fabric...
You could try a real fabric marker....


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