What A Strange Long Trip It Has Been
I started kiting in the summer of 2001.

A year later I still had not become the world's greatest sport kite pilot (what a shock).

But I did put out a photo album book:  "My First Year In Kiting".

All photos were taken with my first digital camera costing $900 used (Nikon 900s 1 MP).

Each copy cost over $35 to print and I may have sold 25 to 50 copies at $50 with all

profits going into the purchase of the next kite (addict spoken here).

Bambi was cleaning out a bookshelf and found our author's proof copy.

I went through the book reading signatures (Tim Benson, Mark Reed, Ken McNeill, David Gomberg, Dennis Fishback, etc).

I was so young at 53.

My thanks to those of you who ponied up the big bucks to a young upstart who thought he knew everything.  :)

I found a .ppt version of the book (no signatures and only 1 corrupt photo). It's about 17 MB. If anyone would like a copy,

send an email to me and hopefully it should go through.

Oops, looks like there are several photos that have corrupted over time. Who knew electrons got old?
Allen Carter:
I still have your book, and was happy to pose kites for you way back then , and now.
I would have liked to have seen that, John.  Just a couple years early for me, though I've enjoyed the posters and calendars since.

You can email me a copy, please, at your convenience.

If it's now too much trouble, I'd love to have a copy. I'll PM you just in this topic has exceeded your attention span  ;) :D ;D :)

True Rookie:
   What..... there are posters and calendar's ??? shows how much of a rookie I truly am. How do I get my hands on them? I would even be interested in out dated calendars if they have kite pics in them

  POSTERS OH BOY.....I need to remodel my spare room with them they lay flatter then kites.

 No ADDICTION here move along quietly    ::)
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