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I know this question has been asked repeatedly, I've read most of the posts.

I've recently been introduced to dual line kiting and within minutes was hooked! Since then I've been flying a seahawk form kittyhawk kites, was a gift for a roommate from his grandparents, to my luck he left it behind and now I'm starting a new hobby.

Unfortunately this thing needs a good wind to stay up, and even then trying any tricks sends it falling like a rock.

Now I'm looking at some entry level freestyle kites, several have curb appeal but I want to hear from experienced flyers, not sales pitches. What would you recommend?


What is your budget like?

Remember, No Matter Where You Go, There  You Are.

Jorge Gouverneur:

Not every stunt kite can do tricks.

I have tried many types of kites some are better than others. and normally the best ones are the the ones with high price tags. :(

I just added a Widow NG kite in my collection.

It can do all types of tricks. very strong Carbon fiber frame. Great wind range.

The kite performs very well compared with the higher price competitors.  :)

Its made by Premier Kites.

Hope this helps you
Here is a video of me flying it:

Premier Widow NG Test 1

Premier Widow NG 2014


My budget is roughly 150$, but I definitely want something that I won't out grow in a matter of seasons.


I think the widow is a great deal! it is the brother from another mother (same Father)of the famed Widowmaker.

I really enjoyed my Prism Zephyr for light wind(3+) tricking.

My goto kite right now is Lams ATM.

One thing to remember is not to start with a Sul or some ULs.  They have less mass and are more difficult to trick because of it.  I love my Ocius SUL for 1mph days! I just zoom around, try a trick and then walk out to untangle the tip wraps.  I have not mastered the gentle persuasion of tricking SULs.

Good winds to ya!

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