Bought Another Kite
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well i finally made the purchase, thanks for all the help and advice from everyone in my other threads, i went with the 12 foot highlighter delta from ITW, and 1000 feet of 500 pound line,

i will post some pics of my first flight  ;D
Allen Carter:
Nice kite!

A shame to fly it more than 100' up.  ::)

(just my prejudice, I like low flying kites)
Once you've seen one kite out of sight, you've seen them all out of sight.  :)
I enjoy my kites at any length.   :D

big kites flying low always attract a crowd.  ;D

Love to fly some of them till they are just a spot in the sky.

Once won money for both the largest kite and highest flying kite. Great to get paid to fly.  8)
Quote from: Wayner on April 24, 2014, 05:19 PM

I enjoy my kites at any length.   :D

same here, sometimes i like to go high, other times not,

i figure its better to have line that is too long rather then too short  ;)

i didnt really buy the line just for this specific kite, i bought the 1000 x 500 because its so universal, i figure it will pretty much cover me for any kite that i would ever buy or fly in the future,

i just ordered the kite a few days ago, and im already thinking i should have gone with the 16 footer  ???
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