Kinda new, need a little help please :)
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Hi guys :)

I've been thinking of taking the plunge & getting a Stunt Kite, im fairly new to the hobby but i have flown stunt kites in the past (dual line) so im not a total newbie.

Anyway I want something thats gunna put a big smile on face, im an adrenaline junky so to speak!

What i want is a stunt kite (dual line not quad) that is big & has alot of pull (as i say a bit of an adrenaline junky!) also summit thats able to cope with high wind speeds for the times im at seafronts etc but also because I like a challenge. Also my budge is around 150 to 200 tops.

so after some research the only that seems to fit the bill is this one: HQ Fazer XL

Im pretty sure theres more out there but this is only 1 i can seem to find that seems a decent size & decent price & the reviews ive read have been positive :)

Any ideas guys/gals & thanks in advance! :)


Lots of pull
Flies in high winds

Perhaps you'd like a foil.

They come in 2 line varieties, not just 4.

You didn't mention tricks, so maybe a foil is in your future.


Welcome to the Forum.
hi chilese :)

Thanks for reply.. my bad as i forgot to mention that i would also like to do some tricks etc :)
Allen Carter:
For a full size, intermediate level kite it's hard to beat the Prism Hypnotist. Very durable, does all kinds of tricks, is pretty big (8') and can pull hard.

Anything bigger than 8' at lower price points results in a kite that is more suited to power flying than modern trick flying. This is the case with the Fazer XL. Seems like a nice kite, but more for zooming around. Fun, but a bit limiting.

There are big tricky kites, but I don't know of any in a modest price range.
hey :)

i think i will prefer more power flying than stunts, although i would still like to have the option of doing simple stunts, so would the HQ Fazer XL be ideal :) ?

Also the HQ Fazer XL doesn't come with line, so if i was to get this it says Recommended line: 140 kp (310 Ib), whats a decent quality dual line set to get that's ready to go? & is 50m length a good choice?

Thanks again guys :) getting all excited now lol! ..last time i flown a kite was a few years ago & i still remember the *buzz* when flying it :D Cant remember exactly what it was, but think it was a Prism dual line stunt kite, wasnt very big (think no more than 1.5m span) but it had a nice pull when the wind picked up :)

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