Mirage Xl / Tapas 3.0 / Fazer XXL
Hi guys!

I made a post few days ago seeking some advice for a new kite and ive narrowed it down to these 3!

What i want out of the kite in order is:

-Usable in fairly high winds as well as low winds
-Ability to do simple stunts
-Not too slow

Vote away guys! I'm leaning towards the mirage xl but will see :-) if there's another that should be in list and matches what i want please let me know! My price range is no more than 300 really.

Also if anyone has 1st hand experience with any of these please share :-)
Do NOT get the XXL.

I don't think it fits all of your criteria.

10 pictures start at the link below:

Personally, i don''t like the mirage or the fazer much. The topas it is for me, it flies much rounder, smoother, and more stable. It is generally the more balanced kite then the others. Plus the 3.0 has a pretty wide wind range.
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