sail color scheme idea
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hi all,
when i order my pro dancer from skyburner i want to ask about color scheme idea.
i wanted to know what you all think of a black sail with all orange sow stiching in it ?
ya reackon it would look ok ?
You won't see the stitching when you're flying the kite.

Black looks amazing backlit and flat when frontlit.

But it is your kite. If you like black, you should order it.

Here is a B-Series Rev, all black, front lit:

If you want to see the orange highlights, pin striping would look cool. BUT. This would most likely be extra, cost, weight and affect the flight...

Up close that would look really cool. Myself, I tend to fly lots at night so I don't get too much of the sail in dark colours.
hi guys
thanks for your thoughts!
i reackon the orange pin stripe stiching on the blk back ground would look pretty cool and different! ;)
I'll throw in a seconded thought that says you will not see that stitching from anymore than 5 feet away. A long while back kites did have colored leading edges, but that could look pretty rough, especially if theres a bright orange option. I like my pro dancers in the lightest colors possible, but I know someone who won't fly one unless its dark blue, or darker.
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