d-tuning kite while in storage
hi all,
just wandering your thoughts r.e taking preasure of sail by relieving the tension of the leading edge wing knocks,removing stand offs,top spreader e.c.t while in storage with no use!
would this help the sail in the long run as far as unwanted stretch ?
I wouldn't leave a kite assembled when not in use, but I usually leave the leading edges tensioned unless it's a kite with curved leading edges when it's probably best to de-tension them.
Allen Carter:
I never de-tension LEs unless the kite won't go into the bag. This generally only happens with a few '90s vintage kites where the LE stays highly curved when the kite is otherwise dissembled (the Prism Prophecy comes to mind).

Most high end kites have Poly sails with lots of reinforcement. They don't stretch, and I wouldn't hesitate to hang one up fully assembled and tensioned for permanent display.  Nylon sails are more prone to stretching, but even so, most modern kites are well designed and built in such a way that stretching when assembled isn't much of an issue. A moist environment (like a humid climate or a wet kite) can lead to stretching with nylon sails. Flying an older nylon sail in a strong wind when wet can cause odd stretch areas and lead to a generally more baggy sail. Some kites fly better this way...

Long term storage (like more than a few months) is more of an issue when it comes to other physical damage. To reduce creases and wear from parts rubbing against the sail, roll kites loosely, not tight and wrapped up with velcro, and stand them on end. Don't pack too tightly into a kite bag or put them horizontally in a pile. Be aware of moisture. A humid summer in some parts of the world can get mold growing on kites.
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