thermal wind temps
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hi all,
just wansdering your thoughts on thermal winds during flite with out kites!
what does thermal winds have to do with the flites of our kites and performance ?
i read that certain birds meke use of thermal winsa to gain height e.c.t
is cold air or warm air better for out flying ?
do they help ?

Good:  cold, dry, low altitude, flat

Bad:    hot, humid, high altitude, terrain changes
Seek out those thermal updrafts with a single line kite like a manta or a skate.. Or a plutz design like the prism zero g (

Those kites love thermals
That's why beaches are the best place to fly. Wind off the water is smooth consistent wind not subject to changes in pressure because of heat build up. The warming of the ground over land creates updrafts that swirl and move. Along with inconsistency because of topography. Tornado's are a larger result of heating and air systems crashing. How many tornado's do you ever get on the coasts?
Linear wind is great but I do enjoy the dirty winds too. Lately I get more from flying my Rev on 30 feet in and around buildings. Being respectful of people and property of course.

I've even flown the draft from big refrigerator cooling units.
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