Virtual Freestyle Round 29
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Hi everyone,

Virtual Freestyle Round 29 is now open for entries!  Please see this page for news and details.

Prize donations most welcome. :)

Now with three great prizes!  See website for details.  ;D
Just under a week remaining until the VF29 submission deadline!  Let's recap the prize pool shall we?

- A Level One Gentleman (demo, very lightly used), generously donated by Level One Kites and Kite Clique.
- A Prism Zephyr, generously donated by Prism Kites.
- A VF29 T-shirt, generously donated by Rufus.
- A pair of Benson straps with miniature carry bag, generously donated by Benson Kites.
- A VF29 mug, generously donated by Skippy.

With that lot, how could you afford not to enter? ;)

I have had a few reports of problems with the submissions form recaptcha (the code to verify you're not a web robot). If you are unable to submit via the online form, please email your submission to
Update: web form ( repaired and should be accepting entries without issue now!
why you gotta exclude robots like that man? they love flying kites too!

Kite Flying Robot

seriously though, thanks VF and the gracious sponsors, good luck everyone and i look forward to seeing all the wonderful entries. :)
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