Lost track of time
I knew it had been awhile since I had been away from flying due to having kids ( twins ) .  But I was out flying today and took out my favorite kite of all times (Benson Gemini) and read the inscription on the leading edge Which was signed by Andy Wordley and Tim Benson at of all places Kite Party III.  ( Now at 12) 

Since getting back out kitting I have reconnected with good friends and made some new ones.  I really enjoy the sport of kitting and hope to introduce my twin boys to the outstanding sport and all of the terrific people that come with it.

To top it off today was an outstanding day of flying at my regular spot with the wind just a wisp early 8:00am and every 1 or so it would pick up a mph or so.  I flew every kite in my bag starting with my 0 to low wind stuff and working all the way up.

Was lost for awhile but believe I'm back to stay.  Feels great...

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Sounds like a good day and twin boys sounds like a built in kite team.

Welcome back to kiting.  :)
Allen Carter:
Welcome Back!   :)
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