Now I am worried about going to festivals

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My wife found this article on the internet.  It is a must read for all serious kiters.  As a member of the senior community I am glad I just signed up for martial arts training.

Check this out and make sure you read the comments.

Reversion to teen age hormones in the senior  community

My wife took this seriousy until I showed her the headline on the Tulip Festival
Rampaging Daffodils Mar Tulip Festival

Lee S:

 :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


Whoa!!  And to think I thought about Grand Haven...   :D


Okay, I'm still laughing about the paper's tagline - "Reporting the truth whether we know it or not"  :D


That would be like watching a geriatric old time martial arts movie.  Hearing aids being thrown down and walkers picked up..  hahaha   :D  Time outs for naps   :D

Great writing  ( whether its the truth or not )

Picturing it is just funny.

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