First dog encounter

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Sadly, I had my first dog encounter today while out flying my magnet UL for the first time.  Was just packing up after a session and had the kite belly down next to my bag when an excited, off leash dog ran up and stomped on it (in a leash only area of the park mind you). Not as devastating as many pictures I've seen from kites being destroyed, but still frustrating to have to patch up holes after the very first session with a new kite. 

I'll finish with saying that I'm a dog owner, and find it incredibly rude when other dog owners don't heed the signs or respect leash laws. 

Anyway, my rant is over and my Magnet has been CA glued in several spots... to fly again another day.  Could have been worse.


Sorry to hear that.  Were you at Mag?

Things have gotten out of hand there lately - most dogs are off leash in this area now.   It's crazy given that one of the largest off leash areas in the city (with a beach no less!) is within easy walking distance.

Kids with the newly legal in the park I can handle, but dogs with irresponsible owners is hard to take.


It was at Mag... I'll think twice before having more than one kite out at any given time.


My prime kite field was fenced off and locked up because dog owners continued to let their dogs run loose even after signs were posted reminding them that dogs were not allowed. I had asked many dog owners to at least but their dogs on a leash when they were chasing my kites and was met with anger and rude insults most of the time. Once a loose dog ran through my lines and snapped them, I confronted the owner and she replied "I let my dog run loose here all the time, he has just as much right as you," and walked on her way.
I like dogs, I don't like most of the owners I have met flying my kites.

Remember, No Matter Where You Go, There  You Are.


I've had a dog chasing round after a kite for over 10 minutes whilst the owner and family members made half hearted attempts to catch the dog.  Even got told I was a great soft lump (or something like that) for expecting the dog to do anything other than chase kites.

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