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Seems the best way to have a kite that flies like the Exile is to start with an Exile. The goal is to enhance trick ability while maintaining that Blue Moon feel and flying ability.

Keel widened and extended with Mylar panel.  LEs swept forward by raising lower spreaders and center T.  Standoffs moved out and closer spaced. Can you tell?


It looks a little different but I could not identify where without your comments.

How does it fly and trick?

Allen Carter:
What specifically were you trying to improve?

Yeah I almost didn't post this.  It's pretty pompous to think I can improve an already well regarded kite from a respected builder. Cutting holes and adding vents is one thing, changing the sail outline and frame geometry is something else.  Nothing new happens however unless you try.

Short story is the Exile has been my favorite kite for some time now.  It's reliable, wind efficient, smooth, and does most everything well. It's been described as a neutral handling kite and I have versions for most wind conditions.  The Exile though is not a trick specialist and I have been lusting after a design that makes rollups and JL type tricks as accessible as cascades, fades, and backspins. I do have kites that trick really well (most newer designs will) they just don't fly as well as the Exile/Mamba style designs especially inland.

Recent builds and comparing newer designs got me thinking plus Ken said he started by modifying other designs he liked and going from there and suggested I might do the same.  Not sure he was thinking I should start with one of his kites though ;)

Anyway I looked at the design trends used on most all recent kites and decided to evolve the Exile in that direction while hopefully not sacrificing too much.

I am pleasantly surprised so far.  I've not ruined the Exile and once the standoffs were sorted out, it now has a little deeper and longer backflip. Rollups are easier and JLs reliable. It needs a little more wind now to power up which may not be a bad thing since the Exile sail tends to load quickly. I'm undecided if I like how axles and backspins have changed.  Change one thing and other things will be affected...

I'm going to fly this along side a stock Exile for a while and likely tinker some more. Will likely adapt the UL and Vent when happy with the mix.

For those happily flying Ken's Exile, keep right on flying and ignore me.  I just like to tinker...

Allen Carter:
Sounds like a very good project. This is definitely how things evolve.

Still, a mylar center panel on a Blue Moon? Makes me think Mark Reed had a wild weekend at one of Kens kite making workshops.  ???

Just teasing. Probably the right material for the job at hand.


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