on a roll

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Steve Hall:

holy crap!
it's the 5th of the month and I am already making my 4th post.
I realized that a lot of the people who are now frequenting the forum may have no idea who I am ... found that ... well, weird.
anyway ... gonna try and be a bit more involved ... although I will pretty much have to start all my posts with "back in the day ..."
since I haven't flown a kite in 18 months (an iFlite) ... and can't remember the last time I flew a dual line  :o

Allen Carter:

Steve, I'm sure you could totally redefine the term "flail". We just need to get you flying one handed, Shane style. Don't worry if you can't see the kite, you'll know how you're doing by the laughter and lawn dart sounds.

It will be good to see more of you here. Just keep your weather reports for Facebook, ok.  :)

Steve Hall:

no worries ... I'll leave the silliness on FB


Good to see ya back on Steve.  I had been away for awhile and am just coming back up to speed.  You were always a great help for me and I enjoy the forum.   Thank You


Steve who?

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