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Ok I'm gonna have to ask as I've tried and tried and failed! :-[

How do you embed Youtube videos directly into a post?

I've tried copy and paste of the URL and embed code but all I paste is the line of code rather than the actual video  :(

What am I doing wrong?


Washington Kite Festival 2006


you must start with [ then ] at the end of the address and then enclose /url in []
you should be able to JUST copy the url out of the address bar...paste that into the works for non mobile devices just fine....

Washington Kite Festival 2006

cool I didn't know that
I seem to have sussed the problem ;D .....but I'm not sure why ???

If I post the video URL when copied using Firefox it won't embed into the post.

If I copy the same URL using Internet Explorer it works fine .....weird!!

Li'l Frankie - a small kite in high winds.

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