I wish I knew what to say other than THANK YOU
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Not only do I have the greatest family anyone could ever hope for, I am a part of an amazing community of kite fliers.
 I wish I had the words to express my gratitude. I hardly know where to start.
I haven't been on here in forever, and I remember how great you guys were back when I used to post.
But when we got that kite in the mail today, and Odessa told me about HOW we got it. I just had to get on here and say thank you, Ed.  Thank you so much. I wish I knew more to say than thank you and to tell you how much I appreciate the kite.
  The quantum is PERFECT.  A REAL stunt kite, not the generic one's that Odessa and I have all but given up trying to learn on.  It's big, beautiful, and its BLUE....Odessa's favorite color. It's going to be so great flying that kite and even better getting Odessa to fly it.  I will get some pics of her flying it as soon as we can.
  Then, after I got on here, I found out what they were up to.  I can't believe they are getting me a quad foil!!!  I feel so bad for being so picky about what I like. It seems like she went through Hell trying to find something to make me happy. She could have made me a kite out of a mcdonald's napkin and I would love and cherish it. But a 2.5 meter ORANGE quad foil!!! Oh my god, that's going to be great. Odessa swears that she will never fly it, but I'm not going to give up on getting her to take the reins.  I keep trying to reassure her that as long as we are VERY particular about wind conditions that she will be fine. She's flown her snapshot in some heavy wind (heavy for her that is), and I figure as long as we don't put her on the 2.5 unless the wind is REALLY low, that it shouldn't pull too much for her.  She's 5'1, 115pounds, athletic build.  She can handle more than she realizes.
  This also brings me to another thing for which I'm thankful.  All of you.  I see how much you all helped her, and how great you guys were, how patient. I want to thank ALL of you for how great you treated her, I really appreciate it. And I REALLY love this forum.
 Thank you again everyone SO much.
glad your happy with your purchases mate!
there are a lot of nice helpful friendly people on this forum which is great to see! ;)
Bob D:
That's what "community" should be all about. I've seen a lot of very generous people on this forum.
That's awesome. You have pretty special little lady there. Hope she realizes that there's all kinds of strength. She had the strength to come on here and just ask questions. A lot of people get intimidated. She had the strength to look for something special for you. She just needs to realize that with some training she probably has the strength to fly that parafoil (in the right conditions). Good winds to you.
+1 on that last comment!
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