New kite with stains on the sail?

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Todd Parker:
I just bought a new kite.  When I opened up the package, I was dismayed to see that there are dark grey stains on the sail.  The stains are long, thin, and run from the nose or leading edge to the trailing edge.  The sail has the appearance as if the spars were lightly smeared with ink before they were rolled up with the kite and stuffed into the bag.

Concerned, I contacted the vendor.  I was told by them that this is common and normal for the type of material that the sail is made out of.  They said that they have had many kites of the same type as mine, and others with the same sail material that have had this kind of staining.

Is this really normal?

Me too. What kite? What store? Let's talk. I am still trying to get my issues resolved. Your post makes me suspicious. You have only one post. Hope you understand. I bought mine at a very popular internet kite store.   

Todd Parker:
Yeah, I just joined the forum today to ask this question.  Actually, I just *found* this forum yesterday.  I've had a few stunt kites over the years, but haven't been very serious about it.  A few months ago I learned about these fancy new "trick" kites, so I thought I'd try one.

I'm wondering if it would be bad form to mention what kite this is.  I'm pretty sure that it's bad form to mention the vendor, so I won't do that.

The web site says that the sail material is made out of "Icarex polyester", if that means anything to anybody.

It is not unheard of ... usually that sort of staining comes from the bridle lines. Kite is wrapped up tightly in the bag ... in shipping/storage a little condensation occurs and the dye from the bridles lines leach into the sail material. It certainly does not affect performance and from the end of the lines I'd bet you can't see it.

It is okay to mention the specifics of the parties involved ... as long as what you are saying is true and your experience.

I feel your pain. I had stains on my (recent) kite purchase also. After I explained my problem all they said was have fun flying it. Of course, the stains were on the White panels. I was told by the internet kite store to take my problem to the manufacturer for warrantee purposes. This is a popular internet kite store. After contacting the distributor/manufacturer they sent me another kite. It was also stained on the White panels. So, they sent me a pre-paid Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) shipping label. To save time, I asked them to inspect the next kite before they shipped it to me. They looked through the kites they had on hand and said all of them had stains. I spoke with the person in charge to ask what was causing the stains. He said it was the dye that was used on the Leading and Trailing edges.  

Here are some quotes from the internet kite store where I purchased my kite. These quotes are from my e-mail correspondence with them.

"You can contact (removed Company name) since this would be their warranty issue."

"The companies prefer to handle warranty issues themselves, that’s how it’s done."

"Sorry the sail had marks on it.  Have fun flying it."

(I removed a persons name and replaced it with I)  " I doesn’t take the time to check each kite anymore, we’d never get out of here. "


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