should my skynasaur classic 74 have stand-offs? Would you like a picture of it?



(I was directed here from another part of the web).
 Hi, i have one, it has a spreader spar and bottom 2 piece spar of dif diameters. Doing a 'ltl' it would loose the wind out its sail and flutter to the floor. hasnt been out its tube for about 20years. I went back to flying Peter Powell trains.
 It was the most expensive thing I had ever bought at the time and was put off úprofessionalú kites.
 The Skynasaur classic 74 doesnt have any stand-offs,and the sail is limp when the spreaders are set. No looping!
 No mention of it that i can find on the internet, no pictures of it that I can find either.

 Perhaps I'll cut it down the middle and resew it into a revolution!


Standoffs will help, but modern kites are much better fliers.


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