Blues Brothers Kite Team 2014' pulling Tails(modifyed 7/28)

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I filmed Steve and Spence on Wednesday night.  Edited the clips and put this video together.
 I tried different music background.  Ultimately had to use Il Divo again.  The flying and sights,  ??? sounds  :-\ just to beautiful had to repeat music.

Steve and Spence have been Ranked #1. by AKA.  They have won National Titles and are widely known and respected.  A couple really classy guys who contribute time and effort to the sport.  Steve is the Head of Region#5 by the AKA and writes updates for the AKA magazines.

Changed entire ending :



Very nice Vertigo! Excellent videography. Were those standard, UL or SUL kites they were flying? I take it since this is Region 5 you guys are in Michigan? Thank Steve and Spence for their devotion to kite flying.


Very well done, bravo sir.  :-*


Very nice.



Steve and Spence have custom Mamba's ( I think ) ... Ken McNeil (Blue Moon Kites)built them a number of years ago.  They have Std. Ul and Vented all the same...  They have flown for years together.  I do enjoy putting videos together w/ music...

p.s.-Where's Jorge ?????

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