Looking for suggestions for good beginner stunt kite
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Hey there,

I'm looking for suggestions for a good beginner stunt kite. I have had a Prism Nexus for a few years, simply flying it a few times each summer. But now I'm getting more into it, and working on better handling and tricks, etc.

To give a sense of my skill level: I launch and land decently, and have decent control across the wind window with push/pull/combo, etc. I am getting better at stalls and just started working on pancake to fade.

I like the Nexus, but after reading around, it sounds like it might be worth having a bigger/slower kite for learning. Sound right?

If so, what kites should I look in to? The Quantum and the Widow Maker NG are all that have come up in my research thus far, but I'd like some thoughts from the more experienced fliers out there.

What is your budget like?

Keep an eye on the swap meet on this forum.

Remember, No Matter Where You Go, There  You Are.
If you have been flying that long and use the terms you did,

you can buy a top end sport kite with no fears, except price.

There are many, many excellent kites you could consider,

either new or on the Swap Meet from time to time.

Usually, people should progress in this fashion:

beginner sport kite, high end sport kite

You have no real need for an intermediate kite other than

price and/or graphics you would like to look at.  :)
@cerfvoliste Probably around $200, give or take.
I love my Widow NG and it's a lot of kite for the money it cost,
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