selling kites

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got a person trying to buy kites from me he lives in another country back and forth now he wants a Paypal request for payment i just don't know not sitting right with me any advice wants me to ship to California but lives in nz not a forum member been e mails just seems funny but don't want to offend him


Trust your instincts.
You don't have to sell a kite to anyone.

Remember, No Matter Where You Go, There  You Are.

Allen Carter:

In the kite community I've had good luck with sort of checking references. Social media like Facebook has made it easier, but even on this little forum we have established members in NZ. You could ask around.


i have talked to Nori and my gut says hes ok just being cautious we are gonna work it out via western union works out good for both of us i will keep u informed


Steve,  Not many kite-fliers in New Zealand.  If you let me know who it is, I will probably be aware of him.


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