Fun Fly at Overpeck Park, Bergen County, New Jersey - July 19, 2014
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Doug S:
Kurtis Jones posted the following fun fly on Facebook, which I hope to attend:

Flash Fly - " Its a Great Day to Fly Kites "

A unofficial kite event, no sponsors, no sound, no registration, no boundaries, no competition, no pressure, no money needed.

Come with any kind of kite and any kind of people.  Make a kite, dig out that old dusty kite from the attic, buy a new kite, borrow a kite (OPK), share a kite, whatever.  Just get your hands on a kite.

This is an unofficial event.  You are responsible for everything including having a good time.

When:  July 19, 1pm
Rain Date:  July 20, 1pm
  The New Overpeck Park
  Fort Lee Road
  Leonia, New Jersey,-74.0089872,19z
I've heard that people fly there, even pulled off to check it out when I've been stuck in traffic. Is the fun fly there because Liberty State Park is too crowded this time of year ?
Doug S:

I don't know why it's not at Liberty State Park.  You would have to ask Kurtis.  Either location works for me.

I grew up just around the corner from there..... a million years ago.  :o

HMMM ... just around the corner ... I will be there KITE-LESS - all my kites are in Asbury Park, NJ. Nice field - flew SUL dual kites on 50-60' there after work many times at dusk in the early days before my AP place when the winds comes form the SE,S or SW - anything else your stuck with single line above the tree cover but no problem launching - not the BEACH but that south wind is NICE and UNMOLESTED/SMOOTH ... its hard to believe your only 5 minutes from the GW Bridge - best flying field IMO around NYC other than Liberty SP with any of these SOUTH WIND combinations ... for duals or quads. In particular if you look to the SW from the center of the field there is not ONE BUILDING for miles (if any). Strange ... yet there IT IS ... the PERFECT WIND TUNNEL in a semi-urban area. NICE.

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