Richmond Washington Regional Sport Kite Competition (RWRSKC) Reminder 1
This is just a reminder.  Less than two months from now -- September 13, 2014  -- RWRSKC will be held at Taylor Park in Hanover County, just east of Ashland, VA.  This is an informal competition especially for Novices, but not limited to Novices.  Registration is now open for all fliers.  RWRSKC requires that all non-novice competitors register for the event no later than September 6, 2014.  Novice competitors are encouraged to also pre-register, but we will accept registrations up to 8:30 am on Saturday, September 13.  Novice fliers compete for free!  Registration is $10 per discipline for any open disciplines.  Go to to register.

Laura Stonestreet

Co-coordinator RWRSKC
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