What do YOU expect?

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tim @ benson kites is awsome as is the staff @ skyburner kites jon/marieanne as well r.e quick helpful customer service!! ;)


+1 on both of the above.


From personal experience I'd certainly give Tim Benson a +1 for aftersales service

Quote from: np on July 16, 2014, 04:53 PM

2. Show the kite specifications.
     a. width & height & weight (these are very important)
     b. wind speed (even thought this is subjective to each flier)
     c. show bridle specifications (In most cases an e-mail should work)
     d. frame specifications


As a mass producer of kites I've always found HQ very good for this - their 'Support' page has full frame/bridle specs for the vast majority of their range going back many years . This is in contrast to some of other big volume names who seem to keep this information something of a closely guarded secret.


I bought almost all my kites from AWOC, and one from Skyburner directly. Both excellent people to deal with. 

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